Another new group for September: Mahjong

The ancient tile-based game of Mahjong is a game of skill with a good deal of luck thrown in. We will learn the intricacies and finer points of the game. The group may branch out into other games to match our group size and interests, such as Backgammon, Go or suggestions from the group. StretchContinue reading “Another new group for September: Mahjong”

New for 2019/20: Crime reading group

The Crime & Detective Fiction Book Group will meet monthly, every second Friday afternoon, 2-4.30. Its aim is for members to meet like-minded readers, share their enthusiasm for the genre, and try out work by authors who are new to them. At its first meeting, we will discuss how to choose the books to beContinue reading “New for 2019/20: Crime reading group”