Climate Change

As Scotland prepares to host COP21 in November this year, our u3a are thinking about how we can do our part to cut carbon emissions and reduce waste. We are planning to devote our November monthly meeting to this topic.

Tuesday 4 May 2021

Elizabeth Devon will be leading a debate with members of her u3a Geology group

How will the government’s ‘net-zero’ target for
carbon emissions by 2045/2050 affect your local area?

Click here to join the meeting at 10am

Meeting ID: 870 2512 9865
Passcode: 158984

Wednesday 5 May 2021

Members of the Geology group are going on field trip to the lovely Berwickshire coast. In very small groups, we will be looking at the biger picture. How can we address future energy needs in a sustainable way? How would rising sea levels affect our region?

Towards a more sustainable future

We shall be looking at climate change,
its impacts and then possible mitigation and adaptation measures.

On a local scale, what can we do to improve our environment? How can we shift towards zero waste? Are you using the Sentry Box and ‘Wee Green Shed’ at the Volunteer Hall operated by our strategic partner organisation, A Heart for Duns? Would you like to help the ‘Blooming Marvellous’ team that look after the flowerbeds in the Duns town centre?

Want to work with us?

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