Crime Fiction Book Group

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A literary critic recently complained, ‘Novels that detail contemporary life in unflinching, unsparing detail are missing’. Which means she’s been looking in the wrong place, because this is what so much crime fiction does. Its authors often choose to examine issues of the day through a compelling story.

That said, like me, you may simply wish to be entertained and feel a novel which doesn’t feature at least one dead body is lacking in something! The crime genre is hugely varied in its approach to telling a story, and includes many subsets like noir, cosy, police procedural, historical, courtroom and psychological crime novels. There’s something for (nearly) everyone.

Whatever your taste in crime fiction, this Group will introduce you to like-minded readers and new-to-you authors. Group members will decide at the first meeting on the ‘theme’ to guide our reading. Last year, we read crime fiction from around the world, visiting settings as diverse as South Africa, Iceland and Spain.

We will meet on the second Tuesday of every month, 2 – 3.30pm at Southfield Duns.

Group Leader: Janet O’Kane

Second Tuesday of every month, 2-3.30pm

Start date: Tuesday 10 Jan 23

Venue: Southfield

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