Poetry Circle

Group Leader: Elaine Oswald

Meeting times: 4th Friday 3.30 – 5.00

From 24th September

Southfield Centre

As well as feeling poetry physically, we know that it gives us cognitive strength. Poetry stretches the meaning and sounds of words, pushing at the boundaries of language. Brain scans have proved that in processing poetry, our brain function peaks, which strengthens our overall cognitive health. Listening to poems activates parts of the brain that are not activated when listening to music or watching films. So, poetry is good for our mental health, requires no special skills and is fun.

In this study group, we will read modern poets such as Alice Oswald, Raymond Antrobus, and Jen Hadfield, as well as old favourites such as Tennyson and Wordsworth. We will keep a reading journal as well as choosing some poems to share, and thus we will each build up a library of poems that resonate with us personally.

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