Bridge Improvers Group

The group is for anyone who plays Bridge but is especially helpful for those who wish to improve their play, whether they have been playing for a long time or only a few months. Anyone who has the basics will be able to join in.

We usually begin with a short teaching session and then play out hands with the option to call for help when stuck. Also it is often helpful to look at all four hands at the end of play and see where it could have been bid or played to get a better result.

We do not take it too seriously and have lots of laughter, but at the same time there is a notable improvement in the bidding and play of many who have been attending the group regularly. You do not need to have a partner to come along.

Always happy to help

Group Leader: Gwen Cole

Meeting times: every Thursday 2:30-4:30

Starting Date for 2023 : 12:01:23

Venue :Turnbull Court Lounge

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