New for 2019/20: Crime reading group

The Crime & Detective Fiction Book Group will meet monthly, every second Friday afternoon, 2-4.30. Its aim is for members to meet like-minded readers, share their enthusiasm for the genre, and try out work by authors who are new to them.

At its first meeting, we will discuss how to choose the books to be read. We could read by publication date, working our way through the decades, starting with an early work by Agatha Christie (who was responsible for many readers’ passion for crime fiction) through to the bestsellers of recent years. Another option would be to read around the world, exploring books by crime-writers from countries other than our own. Or, because crime fiction is a broad term for a diverse range of writing, we could opt to read in different sub-genres, such as noir, cosy, police procedural, historical, courtroom and psychological crime novels.

This Group will be led by Janet O’Kane, who’s been a fan of crime fiction since she was 12, when she was introduced to Agatha Christie’s novels by her Mum. She’s resigned to never getting to read all the books on her shelves yet continues to buy more; she’s also a big fan of audiobooks. Janet has written and published two crime novels herself.

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