Heaven’s Above

Tuesday 18 January at 10:30 am via Zoom

Sit back, get a cup of coffee and do join us on Zoom to hear this month’s speaker.


Meeting ID: 876 2457 4773 Passcode: 290368

EXOPLANETS – introduced by Dr Adrian Janetta

“In recent years astronomers have discovered numerous planets beyond our solar system in orbit around other stars.  In my presentation I’ll describe some of the methods employed to discover exoplanets and how astronomers can determine likely conditions on the surfaces and atmospheres of those distant worlds.  I’ll also show how amateur astronomers with modest equipment can provide exoplanet measurements to supplement the studies made by professional astronomers.  Discussions of exoplanets are invariably tied to discussions of life elsewhere in the universe.  To that end we’ll have a brief discussion of SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) and Fermi’s paradox (Where are the aliens?)  Be ready with your own ideas and opinions on the matter!

Adrian is extremely easy to listen to, very down to earth despite his many qualifications and achievements.
He’s a very active member of NASTRO (Northumberland Astrological Society) and has several presentations accessible on YouTube
Dr Adrian Janetta. FRAS MIMA CMath PhD  ++

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