Geology Group

This group, with 21 people enrolled, had its first meeting on Tuesday 23rd October. The venue is the Whitsome Ark on the 1st Tuesday each month at 10:00 am.

If you missed the January meeting, Elizabeth Devon is giving a talk on Cheviot volcanoes on Thursday 21st February at 7pm at St Helen’s Church, Cornhill. There is a village hall parking area off the road that runs behind the church.

For the first meeting we studied the amazing ‘Climate through time‘ poster. Free downloads can be obtained from:- Much discussion ensued and lots of interesting ideas were explored.

geology wax volcano

At our second session on 6th November, we did basic rock identification. For our third session, we explored The Cheviot Volcanoes. Once again, there were many interesting questions. At the end of the presentation, and after our coffee break, we did some experiments, for example: The ‘wax volcano’ the ‘eruptions’ were very good. Usually we cannot do this indoors because it involves a Bunsen burner which could set off the smoke alarm. However, the post-master, who was in the shop, said it was OK and he would switch off the alarm if it sounded anyway!

Coming soon….

On Tuesday May 7th, I suggest we have an outdoor meeting for GeoWeek. If the tides are right we will meet at Spittal but if not, we could look at the building stones in Duns.

Buildings stones and landscape around Cornhill, Thursday 9th May, meeting in St. Helen’s
Church at 6.00pm. This cannot really be described as a ‘walk’ – it will be a slow amble around the roads looking at the building stones.

2 thoughts on “Geology Group

  1. Hi, I have seen that Elizabeth Devon will be giving a talk on the Cheviot volcanoes, can anyone attend? I would like to come along if that is OK.


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