Wildlife and Ecology Group to Start in 2020

The purpose of the Wildlife and Ecology Group will be to bring its members into contact with a wide variety of wildlife and to share the wonders of nature. We hope to learn not just what flora and fauna are where, but why they are. We expect to meet from around 10am at a suitable location and the sites will be reconnoitered to ensure that members know of any mobility problems they may face. There may be a small charge if we are visiting places where there is an entrance fee or to pay a speaker, but otherwise taking part will be free. We will also try to limit the amount of walking to no more than two miles in total. Given sufficient support, the group will begin its programme in the spring next year. If you’d like to know more, please leave a comment here, email dunsu3a@gmail.com, or visit the Group’s stall on Enrolment Day on 9th September at the Volunteer Hall.

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