The Witches of Berwickshire

Fifty u3a members and guests were held spellbound by Peter Aitchison speaking about the persecution of witches in Berwickshire during the late 16th and 17th century. Hard to imagine the impact on the tiny community of Eyemouth when over a period of 65 years, over 30 so-called witches were accused, convicted and executed by the most cruel means imaginable. Peter is a highly accomplished speaker and presented his talk to us with passion as a result of his thorough research. As a native of Eyemouth he may even be descended from some of those wrongly convicted!

Some of our members will be familiar with Peter’s book on the Eyemouth Fishing Disaster of 1881, originally published under the title ‘Children of the Sea’ and now reprinted as ‘Black Friday’.

We will definitely be inviting Peter back to Duns again.

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