Overwhelming response from members

On Saturday September 11, members voted with their feet and turned up at the Volunteer Hall in Duns to enrol for this year’s exciting programme of learning.  Having been restricted to an online offering for the last eighteen months, no-one could predict just how many people would feel confident enough to consider a return to face-to-face learning, but any fears were soon dispelled.  Very quickly, a significant, but socially distanced queue, had formed at the entrance to the main hall and by the end of the day, 144 members had enrolled; this has continued to rise and, at the last count stands at 151. 

All of our new groups got off to a flying start with good support from members and some of the most popular and well-established groups have even grown.  Well done to our group leaders for their imaginative and enticing presentations; there were videos of activities, swathes of tartan and even fossils of creatures that lived hundreds of millions of years ago.  A variety of venues, in and around Duns, are in place to host groups this year, a COVID officer has been appointed to make sure that we all stay as safe as possible and, most importantly of all, a large number of members, keen to continue their learning, are waiting eagerly for their groups to start. 

Welcome to Duns & District u3a 2021/22!

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