When Continents Collide

When Continents Collide: exploring the geological history of the Scottish Borders. Duns is not renowned for its earthquakes. However, a look at the rocks which underpin the town and the Scottish Borders, reveal a terrain faulted and folded into long lenses of ancient ocean-floor sediment and speckled with volcanoes. This talk by Dr Ian KilleContinue reading “When Continents Collide”

Understanding Historic Buildings

Understanding Historic Buildings was the subject of the February Monthly Meeting of the Duns and District U3A held in the Volunteer Hall in Duns this week. The speaker was Eric Branse-Instone, a resident of Duns for the last five years, and a Listing Adviser for Historic England with a responsibility for North Yorkshire. Eric’s talkContinue reading “Understanding Historic Buildings”

Our first newsletter is now available!

This is the first of what is intended to be a, more or less, quarterly, newsletter.  A copy has been sent to all members with email addresses and delivered or posted to those members not on-line.  If you have not yet received your copy, click here to download it. It’s a grey January so farContinue reading “Our first newsletter is now available!”

At the recent Monthly Meeting on Tuesday 8th January, Duns and District U3A welcomed around 40 people to enjoy a talk from Derek Janes on the topic of – “A Splendid Palace – built by a tea smuggler” Derek led the project to restore the imposing mansion, Gunsgreen House in Eyemouth, which dominates the harbour area and hasContinue reading

‘A Splendid Palace – built by a smuggler. The recovery of Gunsgreen House and its history’.

Derek Janes, local historian and Convenor of A Heart for Duns, led the project to restore Gunsgreen House in Eyemouth. He will be sharing his interest and fount of stories about smuggling along the Berwickshire coast, and especially the smuggling of tea and its importance in Eyemouth. Don’t miss this open lecture at our nextContinue reading “‘A Splendid Palace – built by a smuggler. The recovery of Gunsgreen House and its history’.”

Exploring the Middle East – past and present

How can you convey the essence of 3000 years of history and change in the Middle East in just 30 minutes? Professor Paul Starkey is a renowned writer, lecturer and translator of Middle Eastern studies at Durham University and together with his wife Dr Janet Starkey, managed to do just that.  We travelled, as ifContinue reading “Exploring the Middle East – past and present”

Tues 11th December – Open meeting

Everyone is welcome at our monthly Open Meetings. Our speakers this month are Drs Paul and Janet Starkey, speaking about “Exploring the Middle East: Past and Present”. Both have lectured and published widely on the Middle East and traveled extensively in the region so it promises to be a most interesting and insightful morning. ThereContinue reading “Tues 11th December – Open meeting”